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Don’t Go/EXO songs



Baro is talking about how grateful to Jinyoung and CNU hyung



Reality Bites With @wkass

To see more photos of William’s miniature worlds, follow @wkass on Instagram.

“Using everyday foods in my creations is my way to call attention to the waste in the world and society’s consumer culture,” says São Paulo architect-turned-photographer William Kass (@wkass). William uses raw food and toy figures from his old architecture models to create edible worlds. “What really excites me is photography’s ability to transform everyday foods into something so enormous and surreal,” he says. “I ask myself: ‘If fruits and vegetables were giant, would we put an end to world hunger? If human beings were the size of ants, would there be enough room for everyone on the planet?’ I believe the answer would still be no.”

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<3 <3

Let&#8217;s chat on  Meow App: vuichuu. Get the App here:

Let’s chat on Meow App: vuichuu. Get the App here:

10 Reasons Why Koreans Make The Best Viral Videos



We’ve seen our fair share of viral videos coming out of Korea lately, and it’s definitely on a different game!

Check out some of favourite videos and the reasons why we feel Koreans are making the best viral videos ever. 

1. Because “Let It Go” videos became a national pastime

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Cute Icons Penguin Drinking Drunk